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Instructor Bios

Curtis has been a massage therapist for 22 years and he is also a physical therapist assistant. He has been an EMT in Butler and Las Vegas and has taught emergency first responder training since 2001. He and his wife own The Green Center for Massage and Wellness. Also they own a family farm in Butler and have 3 young children.

Ethical Statement

James holds a BA in History and an MS in Political Science from Edinboro College. He taught high school history for 35 years and was an adjunct professor at Grove City College for 16 years. He has been presenting History programs for the past 15 years.


James Carnes

ILR Policy: Travel Reimbursement for Facilitators/Instructors

The Institute for Learning in Retirement wishes to avoid placing undue hardships on facilitators, instructors and assistants who must travel substantial distances to lead ILR classes. At the same time, both financial and paperwork considerations make 100% reimbursement impractical and unwise. 

Facilitators, instructors, or assistants who travel over 20 miles (one way) from their home or work place to the ILR class or event they are leading may submit a request for reimbursement. The reimbursement rate is $.56 for each mile traveled when driving in excess of 20 miles one way. This policy went into effect June 30, 2008. Travel reimbursement checks will be issued at the end of the ILR semester. 

A 28 mile one way trip to class would be reimbursed for 8 miles (28 – 20 = 8), or 16 miles for the round trip. If six such trips were made (96 reimbursable miles), the total travel reimbursement would be $52.32.​

Curtis Green